Singlesita’s singles columnist, Erin Newberg, answers your questions about dating and sex in the Magic City.

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By Erin Newberg

Young socialite Erin Newberg answers your questions about dating, singledom and sex in Miami in her bi-monthly column, Singlesita. Email her your questions at


Dear Singlesita,
I recently met this sweet guy who makes great conversation, dreamy blue eyes, tall, dark, handsome and all that stuff. Just one problem - he's got really bad teeth. I mean like really bad. He used to be a stunt bicyclist, so he had several crashes and in the process broke 
several teeth. Do I have any options? 


Dear Veneersita –
I completely understand your situation on this one! Oral hygiene and appearance are a HUGE deal maker or deal breaker! It completely perplexes me how some men just don’t know better, however, I guess that’s why God placed women like myself, and you, in this world. Here is my advice: for your next date with him make an appointment at your local dentist/veneer specialist! Tell him you have a surprise date planned, and get the ball rolling and the drill spinning in that mouth!



Dear Singlesita,
What are your thoughts on online dating? It seems like the same guys keep popping up as my selected choices on these services. Am I going to have to settle for one of these losers?
Dear Dotcomsita -
My thoughts on online dating . . . hmmm. For some it is great, for others it isn't. It really is like dating in real life just with a initial protective screen in front of you. You still have the jerks, pervs, commitment phobes and that guy just looking to get in your pants. There are also the sluts, the tools, and the complete losers. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to sift your way through them all and get to know the winners from the losers. Lets face it, from stories I’ve heard, they lie about who they are, what they do and even their age! Everyone sounds better on paper. If your going to have to settle for one of these losers, it's time for you to check yourself. NO, you never have to settle for anyone you don't think is worthy of you. The whole point of having a partner isn't to compliment & complete you. We are supposed to complete ourselves & they are supposed to compliment us. If we think a potential partner is a loser, why would we choose to be with them? Toss that. Find a winner! 

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