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Just a day in Miami

Richie Rich

In Miami, it's only natural that I feel like sometimes I simply live a life less ordinary. Let it be on days when I wake up and it's over 80 degrees while other places suffer amongst subzero weather, or on days like the one I'm about to narrate which include dancing tourists and "behind the scenes" strolls through fashion catwalks, it's easy to feel like in South Florida we're truly part of something special.

Yesterday afternoon I was whisked away by a friend and work source for a lunch meeting at Nikki Beach where we chatted over chicken fingers about and her life in New York. Once I got there, I could feel WMC going on in full swing as local Nikki Music DJ's (the club's own record label) spun their best beats to girls gyrating in bikinis and high heels right next to buff chested guys. Oh well...better get in the spirit. Taking off my work coat and revealing a red tank top, I was introduced to a glass of Ed Hardy champagne which was not bad. The light, fruity and tart taste was good for 3 p.m. and so was the recognition that Nikki Beach was serving Medalla Light for VIP's! Say what? Medalla is Puerto Rico's own light beer, and it's a rarity to find in the United States. Will Miami begin to carry it soon? We hope so! It's delicious and reminds me of home.

In Miami, what girl doesn’t love fancy jewelry?


Being a girl who eagerly pokes around the jewelry section at Forever 21 and dreams of owning the entire Tiffany and Co. silver collection, I was thrilled when I got an invite in my inbox to check out designs by Ippolita Jewelry in a private event at an Ocean Drive penthouse.

Drawn by the thought of sipping sparkling Piper Heidsieck champagne while browsing multi-colored 18K gold jewelry and taking in the views of the ocean from a home larger than your usual studio apartment rental, I drove over on a laid-back afternoon with visions of gorgeous necklaces and bracelets dancing in my head.

Once I arrived, I was treated like royalty with complimentary valet parking and was whisked upstairs. “You’re lucky, only about 12 people have come in today and all have walked out with a significant amount of stuff,” said the doorman with a grin. “I’m sure there’s still plenty left over for you.”

Oh, I wish. My budget right now is more on the Claire’s jewelry side than designer vintage, but a girl can dream. And being as how I love shopping and fashion – and cocktails, champagne, and wine – the thought of an event mixing it all was purely fabulous. Just call me your sneak peek to upcoming trends.

At the event, I was given a sneak peek of jewelry worn by actresses such as Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson. All the pieces were timeless, perfect to wear with that little black dress or slinky flowing top to a cocktail party, and had enough bling to be subtle yet classy. Some highlights included the designers perfectly sculptured stackable bangles with clear and colored quartz stones, gold sculpted hoops with intricate diamonds and her new and upcoming silver line featuring quartz settings that capture the sunlight and seem fit for a princess.

The group hosting the event came straight from New York, and some were happy to answer questions regarding upcoming trends, which I was thankful for since others weren’t as talkative. Yet, I was happy to sip on the bubbly and listen in as they recommended Miami fashionistas to be on the lookout for the earthy and sophisticated mix of turquoise stones, gold and deep-colored quartzes.

Looking to snag some Ippolita jewelry as soon as possible? Go no further than Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue at Bal Harbour Shops. Just consider me your friendly fashion concierge.

-- Aurora Rodríguez

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