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Welcome to our Winter Music Conference blog for 2009. Click here for all the latest from the clubs to the pools and everything in between.


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We love our users and we want to declare it loud and proud. No, we're not going to stand outside your window with a boombox blaring Peter Gabriel (as if). Instead, we're going to show you affection the way your parents did: by giving you stuff. We've got six pairs of tickets to the Miami Light Project's Here & Now Festival (March 12-15) that we'll be giving to our bestest most favorite users -- as in, those with the highest number of points.

So write some reviews, post some (clothed) pics, and for the love of social networking upload your profile pic (you gotta have one to win). We'll be tallying Monday morning, so we suggest holing yourself up this weekend and getting to work. Kidding -- check out all of the great events we have on the site, do them, THEN get online and write about how much fun you had (with the pictures to prove it).

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