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WMC 09: B-Live takes us back

Bacardi B-Live WMC 09

WMC 09 - March 26

The '80s were back in full force at the Bacardi B-Live Pool Party at Blade at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.  Asymmetrical haircuts abounded, Richard Simmons shorts covered plenty of behinds, neon bikinis left and right.  A crew of boys even went as far as to bring back the high top fade, Kid 'n Play-style.  One of them was rocking a Gumby, the lopsided high top that imitates the noggin of our favorite little green ball of clay.

There was plenty of crack, just like in the '80s, but not the kind you're thinking of.  The crack at this party was peeking over the tops of the models' miniscule bikini bottoms.

All this reminiscing gets you thirsty, so Bacardi was taking care of everyone with mojitos, daiquiris, Cuba Libres and a specialty bar where the mixologist asked us, "If you could go on vacation right now, where would you want to go?"  My co-worker said "Puerto Rico", so that was an easy one.  The mixologist came back with a fresh concoction filled with lemon juice, ginger beer, mint and, of course, Bacardi. 

She should have faked him out and said something like Detroit or Albuquerque.  (I wonder what Detroit would taste like in cocktail form? Actually, no, I don't.)

So while we are sipping on our Puerto Rico-inspired beverages, who do we spot but the ultimate '80s DJ, DJ Jazzy Jeff, off in his VIP corral.  He looked just like he did when I would see him as Will's irresponsible, yet lovable friend on "The Fresh Prince." We missed his set and I couldn't get over it the rest of the evening.  

Watching this model's pasties fall off didn't even make it better.

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