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Fratelli la Bufala 

  • 437 Washington Ave.
  • South Beach, FL 33139
  • 305-532-0700

Fratelli la Bufala (literally ''the buffalo brothers''; FLB for short) blew into town in the wake of Hurricane Wilma. It provides a casual setting for all things made of buffalo including cheeses, mea...

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Julio's Natural Foods 

  • 1602 NE Miami Gardens Dr.
  • North Miami Beach, FL 33179
  • 305-947-4744

What is essentially a juice bar on steroids has a menu so enormous you could come every day for a year and never eat the same thing twice. There are dozen of salads, as many sandwiches, wraps and brown-rice or potato platters as well as soups, side orders

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Power Pizza 

  • 8825 SW 107th Ave.
  • Kendall, FL 33176
  • 305-270-3319

"The power is in the dough," according to Power Pizza, which blends whey protein in the dough of their pies to decrease carb count while boosting nutritional value. Try pizzas with a variety of toppin...

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News Cafe Member, Greater Miami Convention & Visitor Bureau

  • 800 Ocean Dr.
  • South Beach, FL 33139
  • 305-538-6397

It’s about the history, not the food. Back when South Beach was known as God’s waiting room, this European-style indoor/outdoor sidewalk café and newsstand was THE place for pioneering scenesters...

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Mambo Jambo 

  • 1933 University Dr.
  • Coral Springs, FL 33071
  • 954-575-0533

The first thing you need to know going into Mambo Jambo is that you can't worry about ordering too much. You will. You also needn't worry about being embarrassed carting out a doggie bag. It's de rigu...

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Hundred Percent Natural Juices 

  • 115B SW 107th Ave.
  • Sweetwater, FL 33174
  • 305-553-0078

Owner Juan Francisco Cabrera operates on the premise that it is better to eat whole fresh foods than processed products or nutrient-enhanced foods. That means as natural as possible -- and no eggs or...

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Manhattan Cafe and Market 

  • 251 NE 14th St.
  • Miami, FL 33132
  • 305-372-1966

The restaurant, which serves downtown Miami and Brickell, does a big takeout business, so call ahead during the lunch crush, when orders can take up to 30 minutes.

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La Sandwicherie 

  • 229 14th St.
  • South Beach, FL 33139
  • 305-532-8934

Saucisson sec, country pate and other high quality, authentic charcuterie; garnishes (including lettuce, tomato, cukes, onion, green peppers, chiles, olives and imported cornichons) generous...

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Big Pink 

  • 157 Collins Ave.
  • South Beach, FL 33139
  • 305-532-4700

“Too much is not enough” seems to be the motto at this campy, casual spot, where the specialty is monster-sized portions of housemade-from-scratch American and international fusion fun food. Offer...

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Town Kitchen & Bar 

  • 7301 SW 57th Ct
  • South Miami, FL 33143
  • 305-740-8118

Town has yet to hit its stride, but thanks to a lively bar scene, value-priced menu and eager-to-please staff, it's already a fun night out. The large and appealing menu ranges from mussels pots to pl...

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