5 reasons why you should go to the book fair this weekend instead of cry about not getting into the Victoria's Secret fashion show at the Fontainebleau.

1. There's no way you're getting a ticket. Not even the gazillion dollar invitation guaranteed that when you actually went to pick up your ticket, thanks to a giant PR clusterf**ck, you would get one. In other words, why go to a party where the host doesn't really want you there in the first place?

2. You can take home what you see. While you don't have enough money for that VS supermodel, or the diamond-encrusted bra she's flaunting, books are affordable and actually tell interesting stories.

3. You won't feel fat and unattractive. Wear running shoes, don't even bother putting on makeup, eat as much as you want. Which leads to the next reason...

4. No falafel.

5. The book fair has been around as long as the average VS model, but unlike the average VS model, it keeps getting better every year.

-- miaeditor

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It sounds like someone really wanted to go to both ;-)
Right on, sister! Books are the new boobs.
boo ya VS beyotches!
Amen to your blog. The PR mess was my favorite part. Why e-mail and put people on "lists" to only have the press "beg" for coverage? I'm snuggling up to a book as we speak. I'll try not to feel big-bootied tonight at the fashion show. But it's going to be hard. Darn supermodels!!... Read more
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