Pinkies Nail Spa 


Feminine, bright and accommodating, this South Miami nail salon has uber-comfy pedi chairs and is conveniently located in the Shops at Sunset Place. Whether in the need of a mani, pedi or both, I've never had to make an appointment and have never waited longer than 15 minutes -- a luxury in South Florida. They have an excellent selection of polishes and the staff is upbeat, friendly and not afraid to give you their opinions: one time the guy doing my pedi told me he wouldn't paint my toes the fuchsia color I had picked out because he said guys don't like fuchsia (I've gone with a subtle light pink ever since). A regular mani is $12, $15 for French polish and a regular pedi is $23, $25 for French. If you splurge on both, it's $30 and a jump of $8 to for French

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