Pineapple Blossom Tea Room 


The cozy, brightly painted space is filled with potted plants, books and teapots. Brown chose the spiky-crowned tropical fruit as her emblem because it symbolizes hospitality. Caribbean natives placed pineapples outside the entrances of their dwellings to signal a place of friendship, and Europeans adopted the motif. The Full Tea Service will run you $16.95 a person, and it will fill your belly, so arrive hungry. The pot of tea probably has four or five cups-worth, so also be prepared for a little, ahem, cleansing. There are half-a-dozen little two- or three-bite sandwiches, like the afternoon-tea-must-have cucumber, spread with an herbed honey mustard, as well as very light ham, chicken or turkey with surprisingly different spreads, on the, yes, dainty little crustless triangles of soft bread. There are also about 10 teeny pastries, including a lush lemon cream mini, and a couple of scones to top off the traditional big-ass silver three-tiered thingie that they're served upon.

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