One Stop Hip Hop Shop 


"If a guy wants to look fresh, this is where they come," says Alex Delgado, owner of urban lifestyle boutique One Stop Hip-Hop Shop. Tucked away in what Delgado likes to call a "bastard neighborhood," just outside of Coral Gables, the newly-opened boutique caters to Miami's hip-hop enthusiasts - sorry ladies, this one is for the boys. The space, located in a strip mall neighbored by a barbershop (frequented by Pittbull) promoting fades and blowouts and a muddled convenience shop, features mouse grey walls, streaming video of classic hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan, exposed ceilings and a street-art mural of a life-size hip-hop comic character created by local artists Gems, Eraze, Namer and Cure. The colorful hard-to-find sneakers are displayed along the walls like art, the shelf of plain black and white tees are meticulously folded and the bottles of spray paint are perfectly placed on shelves - all a result of Delgado's background as a Marine.