Whoa, is that really John Legend, the smooth R&B singer, hanging with Giada under the big tent? Yup, sure is. With his girlfriend along, John was enjoying the Bubble Q, stopped for some TV interviews and pretty much just follwed his main squeeze around all night. They made an early exit at 9 p.m.

“My girlfriend’s working down here (in Miami), so that’s the reason I come down,” he said. “There is six inches of snow in New York right now, so that’s another reason to come down.”

He told me he’s been working on an album which comes out in August or September and he recorded some reggae tracks in Miami with producer Supa Dupes. As for what he likes to do with his lady when he’s in Miami, it’s a pretty simple plan.

 “You know, we just like to go to a nice meal. We like DeVito’s, we like Ola. Those are two of my favorites from the last time I was here.”

- Fred G.