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WMC 09: Karu & Y No Bass?

WMC 09 - boombox

WMC 09 – March 28

The OM Records party at Karu & Y was an electronic music lovers dream and a music technicians nightmare all wrapped into one.

With five different rooms featuring different DJ sets of all sorts of genres, there was something for everyone. Mark Farina put people in a trance out in the Buddha Gardens. Chuck Love had listeners mesmerized at his one-man band efforts, as he would sing a little, play the flute, play the guitar all while keeping the beats going. (Like a human jukebox.) Kruder and Dorfmeister rocked the Buddha Lounge with a set that had the room jumping and beats and bass so strong that you could feel your inside body parts feeling the groove.

WMC 09: Ultra Part Deux

WMC 09 - Prodigy

WMC 09 – March 28

Highlights from Ultra Day 2

--Dutch trance hero Armin van Buuren rocking the main stage with racing beats that had people literally running to get closer to the speakers, while ravers pointed and marveled at a young guy in his own world dancing provocatively in a gold thong, a wreath of flowers on his head, and nothing else.

--Roni Size followed by Goldie playing booming, rapid-fire drum 'n' bass that had feet flying in one mass blur.

--Crystal Castles lead singer Alice Glass writhing and shrieking onstage to the Canadian electronica duo's fierce, futuristic indie-dance tunes, overlooking a sea of probably a thousand people moving wildly.

WMC 09: PVD at Space

Paul Van Dyk

WMC 09 – March 28

This is one of the most highly anticipated events of the season - Paul van Dyk at Club Space. The pounding beat draws us into the venue, forcing us to move our feet and nod our heads in time to the rhythm.

We enter the cavernous main room and the bass is so powerful that it passes through your body, shaking you from head to toe. The space is packed with bodies, moving together in sync. Looking up into the darkness, you see crystal chandeliers surrounded by no less than 80 disco balls. Flashing lights cut through the shadows, revealing the German musician, high above the crowd, swaying back and forth between his instruments.

A melody breaks loose from the hard beats, swirling around the room and leaving behind the heavy bass line. Transcendental strings provide a counterpoint, intensifying into a crescendo - and with a flourish, the DJ drops the beat back into the mix, leveling the crowd with another series of chest-pounding thumps. Obediently throwing our hands in the air, the audience jumps up and down: one part applause, one part plea for more.

A bright light flashes momentarily - revealing the flush, excited revelers for a split-second. Back in dark now, a loud hissing accompanies a flood of dense fog that fills the room with a burst of cold air, as if the ceiling has been ripped off to reveal an arctic night sky, cooling down our hot, sweaty bodies.

The DJ smiles wide, diving back into his laptop to prepare the next movement of his symphony.

For the rest of the night, his hypnotic message is devoured by the ecstatic onlookers, united by sound. As day breaks, we emerge from the club content, with a newfound energy that propels our tired legs home.


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