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"One Water"

Monday, March 10

If the wars of the 20th century were fought over oil, the wars of the 21st century will be fought over the ownership of water.

This assertion prompted filmmaker Sanjeev Chatterjee to make One Water, a documentary about our world's decreasing supply of potable water that closed the Miami International Film Festival last night. The film is not as polemical as many "issue" films but celebrates the importance of water to different cultures and indicts a world that unevenly distributes this natural resource.

Footage in 16 countries and interviews with notable individuals including the Dalai Lama shed light on this growing problem that has emerged due to climate changes and inadequate access to clean water in many countries. The film depicts Ecuador's disappearing glaciers, the overly polluted Ganges delta in India and Las Vegas, a city that pumps in millions of gallons of water for the gaudy and useless fountains that adorn its streets. It also takes viewers to a Japanese religious ceremony in which water plays a central role and the beautiful spas that sit adjacent to Europe's Danube River.

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