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Who Is Peter Greenaway?

Saturday, March 15

When the Miami Beach Cinematheque announced that Peter Greenaway was its Director of the Month I was surprised. I had never heard of this person. After studying film for four years at two universities I assumed familiarity with all pertinent directors, but apparently I assumed too much.

So I set out to research Peter Greenaway and discover why our venerable house of independent cinema deemed him worthy of such an honor. This is what I learned.

Greenaway was born in Wales and grew up in Wessex, England. He trained as a painter and worked as a film editor before becoming a director. He burst onto the world film scene in 1980 with his film The Falls, a 185 minute mockumentary about the aftermath from what is described in the film as the "Violent Unknown Event. His next film, The Draughtsman's Contract, received excellent reviews and established Greenaway as a talented director. He has worked steadily for the past 25 years producing films for theatrical release and television.

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