Zuma partners to open Tamarina restaurant in Miami

High-end Japanese. High-end Peruvian. And now, high-end Italian.  

Investor-restaurateur Arjun Waney (pictured) of Zuma and the recently announced Coya will open another restaurant in Miami’s Brickell area in the next few months. He’s partnering with fellow Zuma backers Yona and Tunu Puri to open Tamarina at 600 Brickell Ave. (Brickell World Plaza). It will replace the departed Lippi, also a Puri-backed restaurant, which closed Tuesday, as Eater reported.  

Tamarina will specialize in Italian coastal cuisine, featuring a standalone oyster bar and dining-room menu of crudos, seafood dishes and housemade pastas. Adding to the Ital glam: an al freso champagne bar, international music and “of course, flattering lighting,” the team says. 

Prices will be “gentle,” they say, looking to draw return guests for lunch and dinner. 

Look for Tamarina this fall, followed by Coya. The three Waney-owned restaurants will all be within a half-mile of each other in Brickell.