Eating our way through the new Zak the Baker deli

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Zak Stern very quietly turned his original Zak the Baker bakery into a stricter glatt-certified kosher deli late last month.

He wandered over from his new, larger kosher bakery less than a block away to point out some of the highlights of the new deli. Here, he wants to honor his Ashkenazi Eastern European roots by preserving his ancestors’ cuisine.

“The nonreligious tend to communicate more through their food than through religious service,” Stern said. “I wanted to find a connection to the culture I was raised in.”

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1. The Breakfast Sandwich

Zak the Baker (Zak Stern), has expanded and revamped his business. Zak recently renovated his bakery cafe into a kosher deli and also moved his bakery out into a separate location, just down the block. The Breakfast Sandwich features a vegetable omelet, corned beef and russian dressing.

Chef Melissa Sosa, 25, had been apprenticing with Stern for the last three years, and spent the last two learning how to cure and ferment meat. All her skill is on display on this plate: thick-cut corned beef with a vegetable omelet and Russian dressing.

2. Potato Hash


This one straight-forward: a side of gravlax and thick-cut roasted and seasoned potatoes beneath a sunny side-up egg. But the flavor of the house-cured salmon and the pop from the seasoned potatoes make this a hearty dish at any time of the day.

3. Gravlax sandwich


Take Zak the Baker’s house-cured salmon, smear it in herb aioli, and layer in butter lettuce and capers, all between the well-known corn rye bread.

4. Corned beef sandwich


Nothing fancy about it until you take a bite. The corned beef is brined for seven days then roasted and thick-cut into fall-apart slabs of beef. It’s decadent.

5. Egg platter


A simple and special breakfast, thanks to these potato latkes, fried crispy but tender inside. Pair them with the house-pickled cucumbers.