Yep, it's true: Trader Joe's opening in Pinecrest in 2013

The blog broke some news today that many of us found dubious considering that for the past year or so, a rumor involving the heavily worshipped supermarket Trader Joe’s opening in Miami emerged pretty much on a weekly basis only to be shot down by their PR rep Alison Mochizuki, who staunchly told us, “We don’t comment on rumors.” They do comment on truth, however, and truth it is, according to Mochizuki, that Trader Joe’s will indeed be opening its first Miami location at the former Border’s space at 9205 S. Dixie Highway with “a target opening of 2013.”

The store, says a press release, “will feature a festive decor that mixes Trader Joe’s elements such as cedar covered walls and Hawaiian motifs, combined with a local flair that includes art celebrating the neighborhood.” Art celebrating traffic? Just kidding. Sort of. But fans of TJ’s don’t go there for the art.

Billing itself as “the store of stores,” TJ’s offers low priced foodstuffs including fresh baked artisan breads, Arabica bean coffees, frozen entrees (lots of them), juices, nuts, deli items, milk, eggs and more. Oh, and for winos, the infamous and equally dubious $2 Buck Chuck wine, which, outside of Florida is actually $3. “Thousands of items are tasted each year to find products that both appeal to the culinary adventurer and the microwave aficionado,” says the release.

We’ve been chasing this rumor for a long time, from Brickell to Palm Beach Gardens, only to be shot down. Today we were forced to eat crow or, in this case, drink $3 Buck Chuck as Mochizuki finally fessed up saying, “Thanks for your patience.” Something which the store’s fans will need lots of between now and the opening. In the meantime, there’s always Naples for those who don’t mind spending what they’ll save at the store in gas money to get there.



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