Yardbird named among America's 55 best bourbon bars

Yardbird scores top honors this month as The Bourbon Review names the South Beach restaurant as one of America’s top 55 bourbon bars. The Bourbon Review’s Justin Thompson calls the criteria “simple,” explaining: “the bar needed to showcase Bourbon in a very proud manner, by educating their patrons about Bourbon and either providing them with a superior selection or a combination of a great selection along with having a reputation for showcasing Bourbon in their cocktails.” Yardbird’s bourbon cocktails include the Southern Revival (bourbon, sour passion fruit & a hint of basil), Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, The Old Confederate (mint, lime, sparkling wine & bourbon), the American Michelada (lime, worcestershire, hot sauce, Narragansett lager & bourbon) and the Yardbird Old Fashioned. 1600 Lenox Ave,  Miami Beach; 305-538-5220