Wynwood Brewing releases special beer

Wynwood Brewing releases their barrel-aged beer Saturday.

What’s on tap: Wynwood Brewing Co.’s Almiranta/El Gallo Indian rum barrel-aged porter

Why it’s special: Wynwood Brewing releases this beer only once a year and it is literally years in the making. They take an imperial (higher alcohol) version of their Pop’s Porter, which won a coveted gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival, age it in rum barrels for a year and mix it with fresh imperial Grand Pop’s porter. The result is a beer made for sipping, like a fine spirit, clocking in at a strong 10.4 percent alcohol by volume. 

Where to get it: Only 350 bottles of Almiranta (named after a Spanish galleon shipwrecked off Florida’s coast) were released April 23. Bottles are available at the brewery, with a limit of four bottles a person at $20 each.