Wine & Food Fest Preview: Paula Deen

From left, chef Guy Fiere, chef Paula Deen, chef Ming Tsai, and Deen's son, Bobby, pose for a photographer during Paula's Poker Party, an event held at the Paris Theater in South Beach Thursday night. Photo: Ronna Gradus.

What’s the one don’t miss event of the Festival?
It’s hard to pick just one because everyone has different interests. Burger Bash and BubbleQ are two really great events…Of course my parties are always fun, but every celebrity chef throws amazing parties at these events.

What’s your favorite dining trend of 2009-2010?
Family style eating – because it never goes out of style!

What distinguishes the SoBe Wine & Food Fest from other national food festivals?
South Beach is more down home fun, and designed to be casual and entertaining.

What are your three best brunch tips?

  • Set the table the night before
  • Prepare a casserole for main course
  • Enjoy your guests first and foremost


What’s unique about the Miami dining scene?
Miami is so culturally diverse that it has the most exciting cuisine. You can get everything from the best fresh seafood to the most wonderful Latin flavors.


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