Wine Depot & Bistro 555

Many times new restaurants try to pack too much of everything and end up with a short life span.

But the just opened Wine Depot & Bistro 555 may be the exception. Located on the corner of 6th and Jefferson on Miami Beach, this former warehouse is now a combination wine bar, wine store, bistro and food market boasting 6,700 square feet of indoor space, 2,250 square feet of outdoor space and plenty of room for private events.

The environment that co-owners Philippe Buchbinder and Jean Luc Oizan Chapon have created leaves you with a charming, relaxed neighborhood feel in a space perfect for a business lunch or a weeknight dinner with a small group of friends.

As you walk in you can’t help but be impressed by the “U” shaped bar that accommodates up to 18 people. There is a collection of tables and couches in the lounge area to enjoy your wine and food with friends or on your own.

In the same space are what seem like endless racks (actually 40) full of wine and champagne (400-plus bottles) for sale, and if you decide you can’t wait til you get home to have a taste from that bottle, just pay the small corkage fee and open it right there. The wines and champagne are divided by country (France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, USA, Chile, etc.) and range in price from $7 – $30.
Also inside is a 400-square-foot food market where products are priced between $7 and $25 and include caviar, cheeses, meats and sausages.

Then there is the Vintage Room, a 250-square-foot, glass-enclosed private cellar that holds a special selection of wine & champagne starting at $35 per bottle. Inside the room is a long, wood table that can sit up to 18 people and be used for meetings or small private events. Additionally, the private cellar is equipped with a large television that can be used for business presentations or for a small group to tune into a television program such as a sporting event (think private wine tasting during a Dolphins game).

The Bistro 555 menu consists of a wide variety of sandwiches, canapé, salads, foie gras, charcuterie, soup and hummus & cheese dishes, among other options. And the price points are agreeable, ranging from $7 to $18.

The venue is equipped with parking on property and a sizable rooftop area. The entire space can be rented out for private events or celebrations, corporate parties and special occasions.

“The goal of Wine Depot & Bistro 555 is to be a place where guests can discover new wines, great tastes, new friends and a fresh lifestyle” said Buchbinder. “The concept is something that hasn’t been seen on South Beach.”


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