Where to Eat Lunch in Midtown Right Now

Midtown has come a long way in the last decade to become one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Miami to live, work and play. On any given day, you’ll find dozens of commuters walking, biking, and driving along the area, looking for their next great meal.  With options ranging from health-conscious cafes and vegan bakeries to neighborhood delis and raw bars, you’ll never be without a number of fabulous lunch options in this part of town. 

What’s New

The Fed

Previously known as The Federal, this revamped concept of an old favorite is already a hit and one look at the menu will tell you why. With so many folks leaning towards plant-based, paleo, gluten-free, and other alternative diets, the Fed has everyone covered with dishes like the Tofu en Adobo and their Cauliflower “Rice” Bowl (with your pick of protein). Although technically in Buena Vista, anyone working in Midtown could easily zip over for a solid, pleasant meal.

5132 Biscayne Boulevard, Buena Vista; 305-758-9559


Beaker & Gray

Beaker & Gray opened earlier this year and is certainly keeping a high-profile in the Midtown/Wynwood area. It’s trendy, the service is good and the lunch options plentiful, though perhaps lacking for the vegans in the bunch. Opt for a salad, sandwich, or bowl in varieties like Bahn Mi or Wagyu Burger, then add a side like their take on papa a la huancaina (loaded fries with Peruvian huancaina sauce and a bacon vinaigrette) and wash it down with a cocktail you’ve probably never heard of (but won’t soon forget).

2637 N. Miami Avenue, Midtown; 305-699-2637


Healthy Spots

Noa Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall locals spot is the place to go when you need food that’s flavorful yet kind to the body. The menu at Noa Cafe features seasonally-inspired Mediterranean fare along with a few caveats–for example, you’ll find a Greek salad and a Middle Eastern mezze plate as well as pad thai and a chicken pesto sandwich. Don’t forget to ask for the lunch specials, and throw in a slice of their seriously decadent flourless chocolate cake while you’re at it.

2711 NE 2nd Avenue, Midtown; 305-573-2557


Lemoni Cafe

Lemoni Cafe is a quaint cafe in the heart of Buena Vista that makes for the perfect lunch date locale, even if you’re simply taking yourself out. The menu here is extensive, and features everything from salads and paninis to wraps and daily specials. There really is something here for everyone: vegan coconut cutlets for the no-meat crowd, Philly cheeseteak wraps for those not willing to go all-the-way healthy or quiche of the day for when you want to feel like you’re lunching in Paris. The list goes on and on here.

4600 NE 2nd Avenue, Buena Vista; 305-571-5080


Power Lunch



Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink

Local chef celebrity Michael Schwartz opened this popular culinary hub back in 2007 and nearly a decade later, it’s just as popular as ever. Given its reputation for stellar service and farm-to-table cuisine, Michael’s Genuine is an ideal venue for business meals and lunchtime brainstorming sessions. Lunch options here are solid and include impressive items like grilled spiced leg of lamb alongside old favorites like their homemade pastrami sandwich.

130 NE 40th Street, Design District; 305-573-5550


Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill

Allow yourself and your coworkers to be inspired by the fare at Sugarcane. Boasting an extensive and internationally-flavored menu, you’ll find yourself enjoying a lunch that draws influences from Korea, Cuba, and the Middle East. Add a beer cocktail to your post-noon meal, like the Louisiana Purchase (four roses bourbon and JW 24th St Brown Ale, with chocolate bitters and vanilla syrup) for the full Sugarcane experience.

3253 NE 1st Avenue, Midtown; 786-369-0353


Bocce Ristorante

Rustic and hip, Bocce (pictured at top) is the kind of place you can picture startups having power lunches at. Chairs made from salvaged wood, exposed beams, vintage accents–they all come together to create an ambiance that is only second to their exquisite, authentic Italian cuisine. Pizzas, pasta, polentas, and paninis dominate the menu and pair perfectly with a quick game of bocce ball in the court outside.

3252 NE 1st Avenue, Midtown; 786-245-6211


Cheap Eats



El Bajareque

El Bajareque is Midtown and Wynwood’s go-to spot for inexpensive and wholly legit Puerto Rican cuisine. This family-run joint is a favorite among locals thanks to the friendly atmosphere and dirt cheap prices (especially for this part of town). With daily lunch specials like lechon asado and carne con papa running between $7-8 with two sides to boot, what’s not to love

278 NW 36th Street, Wynwood; 305-576-5170


Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

While Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop is often a favored spot for a quick Cuban breakfast, it’s also a prime contender in the category of cheap (and delicious) lunch. You will, of course, want to indulge in any number of sandwiches here, all of which won’t cost you more than a ten spot. Pan con bistec (steak sandwich), sandwich de toston (green plantain sandwich with any number of added meats), and even BLTs are all served here, as are a number of reasonably priced daily specials

186 NE 29th Street, Midtown; 305-573-4681


Great Overall



Buena Vista Bistro

Sitting down to lunch at Buena Vista Bistro is like settling down with an old friend. Charming and comfortable, it’s the type of place to go when you’ve got ample time for a mid-day meal that’ll leave you and your wallet feeling good. For $11.95, you get a soup or salad plus any of their carefully made lunch dishes such as the porcini risotto or pork tenderloin, with homemade rice pudding for dessert. But if you’re looking for something slightly more portable, the Buena Vista Deli around the corner is equally fantastic, and has a plethora of sandwiches and paninis to choose from to go.

4582 NE 2nd Avenue, Midtown; 305-456-5909