Where to Eat Lunch in Doral Right Now

Office buildings. Warehouses. Shops. Restaurants. The headquarters of The Miami Herald. Doral in home to more than 10,000 businesses, so you can imagine how many people are working there in need of a lunch break. While it’s easy to fall into eating at the same, tired chain restaurants (Doral has a ton), it’s also nice to venture out and try new food. We’ve compiled a great list of eateries, from the healthiest eats to places to impress clients. Here’s the low down on lunchtime in Doral.


What’s New

Bulla Gastrobar

Bulla Gastrobar (pictured at top) is a Spanish-style tapas bar with a gastronomic twist. The name, “bulla”, is Spanish slang for “noise”, appropriate for an eatery that’s already generating a lot of buzz. This flagship eatery in Downtown Doral is the sister restaurant to another notable area restaurant, Pisco y Nazca, both with original locations in Coral Gables and South Miami, respectively. It’s good for a solo lunch, but even better if you go with coworkers, so you can order a number of tapas to share, like the albondigas, pimientos de padron, or huevos bulla.

5335 NW 87th Avenue, Ste C102, Doral; 305-260-6543


Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market

Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market may have just opened its doors, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the hottest lunch spots in the area. The first of its kind in Miami (with two other locations in Gainesville and Orlando), Dragonfly does Japanese fare with a modern twist. When stopping by for your meal, try one of their teishoku lunch sets, like the unagi donburi (a grilled eel-based dish similar to a teriyaki), wagyu short rib curry, and the tonkotsu curry–all of which come with miso soup and seasonal sides.

5241 NW 87th Avenue, Doral; 305-222-7447


Cheap Eats


Green Plate Asian Bistro

Bento boxes are the way to go at Green Plate Asian Bistro, where a well-rounded lunch can be obtained for just $12. These delightful, rectangular lunches include a house salad, a spring roll, sunomono, and a California roll. And if your appetite isn’t all that big, you can always go for the Petite Lunch, a combo of miso soup, salad with ginger dressing, and a light sushi roll–only $8.

9901 NW 41st Street, Doral, FL 33178; 305-513-8518


La Coriana

Hang out in Doral long enough and you’re bound to eat some Venezuelan grub for lunch, and there’s no better (and more affordable) place to do this than at La Coriana. Located off 107th avenue, one of the neighborhood’s busiest roads, this casual South American eatery is a haven for anyone craving tequenos, empanadas, cachapas, patacones, and of course, arepas–all of which are available for under $9.

3655 NW 107th Avenue, Doral; 305-592-6191


Los Bobos

Everyone in Miami knows that if you’re searching for cheap eats, there’s always a good Cuban cafeteria nearby. And in Doral, that means going to Los Bobos, a mom-and-pop cafe that’s provided hot, delicious lunches for over three decades. You’ll find all the usual Miami fare like media noche sandwiches and pastelitos, plus hot meals like churrasco and pollo relleno, mostly under $10.

5600 NW 79th Avenue, Doral; 305-592-8774



Power Lunch

Los Parrilleros

The Argentinean presence is strong in Doral, so it makes sense that one of the best places for a power lunch would be a chophouse with an excellent array of pastas–the two meals the country is known best for. Looking over the menu, it’s easy to picture major business decisions being made over beef milanesas, snapper francese, and lobster ravioli. And while Los Parrilleros does get a bit busy at midday, anyone that’s been here will tell you it’s worth the wait.

10775 NW 41st Street, Doral; 305-597-0019




Not to be outdone, Olivos is another major contender in both the Doral power lunch and Argentinean cuisine scenes. A top notch menu featuring seafood saffron risotto, pancetta-wrapped chicken breast, and breaded tenderloin milanesa (complete with gorgonzola mashed potatoes) is just what is needed to power through a long work day or close a business deal. Coupled with stellar service, it’s also the place to go to entertain clients.

10455 NW 41st Street, Doral; 305-718-9968



Healthy Spots



Central Park Food Station

Formerly known as Engy, Central Park Food Station is another popular location for Doral-dwellers looking to eat a wholesome meal. While no longer strictly a health-food-only lunch counter, all the old, nutritious favorites remain. Choose a wrap, bowl, or pita filled with veggie salad, hummus, tuna, grilled chicken, avocado, or roasted veggies paired with a fresh fruit and vegetable juice for a guilt-free meal.

2721 NW 79th Avenue, Doral; 305-463-8512


Green Apple Juice Lounge

Green Apple Juice Lounge wants everyone to know they’re more than just a juice bar. In fact, they’re so much more. Health-conscious folks will want to flock here for the make-your-own wraps and salads, which include greens (kale, spinach, or iceberg), plus a protein (like smoked salmon, tuna, or quinoa), and additional toppings (black beans, alfalfa, cucumber, cranberries, etc.). Vegans will run here for the vegan empanada and vegan pizzas. And everyone will love the green smoothies and protein shakes in varieties like cinnamon tree, mango tango, and cocoa butter.

 9831 NW 58th Street #136, Doral; 786-703-92


B-Fit For Life

Don’t be fooled. B-Fit isn’t just a personal training gym for the fitness enthusiasts of Doral (though it is also that). Inside, you’ll find an incredible eatery that’s perfect for anyone who’s trying to keep the calories down and the nutrition way up. Among the rotating options are thai peanut chicken breast, protein spaghetti, crab salad, and red quinoa with brown rice and veggies. And if you’re pressed for time, they offer a cantina service so you can actually have your lunches delivered to your office.

2186 NW 87th Avenue, Doral; 305-594-0949