What's the Best? 5 Fantastic Fritas Cubanas

For this week’s What’s the Best?, we turn to Miami comfort-food blogger Sef Gonzalez, aka Burger Beast. He keeps a running tab of the top Cuban-style fritas — seasoned cheeseburgers topped with shoestring potato fries — at burgerbeast.com.

Here are his current favorites: 

1. El Rey de Las Fritas: “Consistently the best frita.” 

421 W. 29th St., Hialeah, and 1821 SW Eighth St., Miami.

2. Bread & Butter Counter: “If you see the McFruffin on [the menu], get it.” 

2330 Salzedo St., Coral Gables. 

3. Cuban Guys: “They’ve created a really great frita, and you should really have a few.”

10801 Sunset Dr., Miami.

4. Morro Castle (Hialeah): “The site of where I had my first frita.”

1201 W. 44th Pl., Hialeah.

5. Morro Castle (Little Havana): “This is my Sunday frita.” 

2500 NW Seventh St., Miami.