Vote for Miami’s best restaurant in the Munch Madness challenge

Miami’s mad for basketball with the University of Miami’s men and women qualifying for the NCAA tournaments, but we have a more delicious bracket in mind.

The Miami Herald’s Munch Madness pits some of Miami-Dade’s best and most popular restaurants against each other — and you vote on the winners.

Our selection committee included a wide range of eaters, from three Miami Herald dining critics to staff food nerds who just love to dine out. We narrowed the field to 64 restaurants, like the college basketball tournament’s 64 teams, that we felt represented some of the most-loved Miami-Dade County spots.

Come back to each day, vote for your favorite, and help them move through the bracket over the next three weeks until you crown the Munch Madness champion on April 4.

All right, Wednesday we kicked things off with our Casual Dining region. But Lung Yai and Rinconcito Mexicano ended in a tie, so we’re going to a runoff. If it remains tied, we’ll decide the winner with a coin toss.

Along with the runoff, today we’re tackling Round 1 of the Chef-Driven Region. (That’s the bottom left quadrant if you downloaded the bracket.) Voting closes at 8 p.m. Friday.

Read more and vote for the best chef-driven restaurants here: