UberEATS delivers on free ice cream promise

Uber driver Markley Medina helped deliver ice cream

This ain’t your father’s ice cream truck — well, it wasn’t my fathers,’ anyway.

When a blacked out Chevy Suburban with lime green LED headlights rolls into your neighborhood blasting ice cream truck music, it is impossible not to smile.

UberEATS, the new food delivery service from the ride-hailing Uber, delivered free ice cream throughout South Florida Friday between noon and 4 p.m. The promotion announced their new food delivery, which began July 12, and was in advance of Sunday’s National Ice Cream Day.


WATCH: Delivery on Facebook Live

To really make a splash, they enlisted a host of flashy delivery methods.

It must have been hard to top Markley Medina’s tricked out Suburban and the driver himself wearing huge clown glasses and a cape, along with four other helpers, each arriving with an uber-big smile.  The music alone took me back to my parents’ first business, when they both had old school ice cream trucks they drove around north Miami and south Broward.

Medina said they had delivered thousands of Magnum ice cream bars (four per delivery) in the previous three hours and were eager to get back on the road to other expectant ice cream aficionados.

For some, including posters on the Miami Herald Food Facebook page, the delivery was seamless. Five minutes is all it took to download the app and have a driver deliver their sweet treat.


I hit a bit of a snag. The UberEats app worked just like Uber’s, but when the moment came to request the delivery, the app froze. I tried 12 other times.

An UberEATS representative said he saw the jumble of errors and called me directly to say my ice cream was indeed on its way. Just after 3:30, a note appeared on the app that the ice cream had sold out.

And then I heard the music.

I ran outside like that boy chasing his father’s ice cream truck.