Top 10 most popular Miami food/drink places on Instagram in 2014

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a panther morning, with a pain au chocolat and croissant aux amandes from miami beach’s true loaf bakery

A photo posted by Adam Goldberg (@alifewortheating) on Mar 3, 2014 at 8:19am PDT

The photo here from Panther Coffee in Miami got more than 2,100 likes on Instagram — the most popular shot of more than 2,105 that were snapped at Panther and posted on the social media site this year. 

Those caffeinated Instagrammers catapulted Panther into the top spot in Miami’s most-Instagrammed restaurants, bars and coffee shops of 2014, according to MyFab5, a site that compiles best-of lists in various cities, including Miami.

The full Top 10 from MyFab5, with links to each place’s most-liked photo of the year: 

1. Panther Coffee, Miami and Miami Beach. Number of photos posted from there in first 11 months of 2014: 2,105. Best shot

2. Greenstreet Cafe, Coconut Grove. 1,490. Best shot.

3. Area 31, Miami. 1,466. Best shot.

4. Lagniappe, Miami. 1,288. Best shot

5. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Miami. 1,123. Best shot.

6. Wynwood Brewing Co., Miami. 944. Best shot.

7. Love Is Blind, Coral Gables. 841. Best shot.

8. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, Miami. 815. Best shot.

9. Blue Martini Brickell, Miami. 798. Best shot (actually a terrible shot).

10. Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, Miami. 764. Best shot.