Tony Abou-Ganim brings cocktails to Q After Dark

Mixologist  and Iron Chef Tony Abou-Ganim will be bringing his cocktails to the beach when the Moët Hennessy’s  Q After Dark, the afterparty for Moët Hennessy’s The Q, debuts on Thursday, Feb. 23 behind the Delano Hotel. Along with flowing champagne, Abou-Ganim will create a trio of signature cocktails: Hennessy VS Mojito, Belvedere Raspberry Lemon Tea Caprikoska and Grand Marnier’s Smash. We caught up with Abou-Ganim to see if he’s ready to host a new South Beach Wine & Food Festival event.

When making a cocktail menu for a party the size of Q After Dark, what is more important – quality of ingredients or speed of service?
I believe that you can still embrace quality in a fast passed environment if you are well prepared. There is no substitute for quality.
What are you looking forward to the most about Thursday’s event?
Interacting with the guests.
When you are looking to relax and take a break, unplug if you will, what is your drink of choice?
A Negroni, or the drink that is in my glass.
What is the most under-appreciated cocktail ingredient and why?
Ruby Red Grapefruit. It is so much more than just for a Greyhound, although a freshly made Greyhound is amazing.
What is the biggest misconception about cocktails, when it comes to spirits?
That a cocktail must be complicated. My favorite drinks are simple and celebrate the base spirit, not mask it.


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