Timo's changes name to TK's at the Villa Mayfair

Photo via @GroveGrapevine

Timo’s restaurant in Coconut Grove has changed its name to TK’s at the Villa Mayfair as a result of legal action from Timo restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach.

Got that?

To recap: Investor Timo Kipp opened his Timo’s in Coconut Grove last year. Timo restaurant, which chef-owner Tim Andriola has run since 2003 in Sunny Isles, sued in federal court in Miami, alleging trademark infringement.

Today, Kipp announced his restaurant is now TK’s at the Villa Mayfair “to avoid confusion with another restaurant with a similar name.”

A news releases goes on to assure customers that “nothing but the name has changed.

“TK’s will offer the same great food, the same personal service in the same warm and welcoming environment.”

Let’s hope for TK’s sake that at least some things have changed since Miami.com’s 1.5-star review.

In it, critic Victoria Pesce Elliott said she encountered food that alternatively “looked like it came from a takeout container at the back of someone’s refrigerator” and “had the springy, dry bounce you find on airline meal trays.”