Three Sisters Farm forges ahead with opening after Steve Matkovich's exit

Ah, social media. Last night, chef Steve Matkovich, who started previewing his organic farm/restaurant concept on May 5, took to Twitter and Facebook to vent–er, announce that Three Sisters Farm, well, bought the farm, and wasn’t ever going to happen. Huh? To quote Matkovich’s Facebook page directly, he wrote, “Due to extremely poor money management, Three Sisters Farm will never open. The creative team Steve and Chloe will move on to bigger and better things, and Jonathan will be staying behind to try to resolve his poor business decisions. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us, and would like to apologize to the people who have reservations.” In the comments section, he added, “Steve and Chloe wish Jon the best as well. Its a very unfortunate parting of ways.” Agreed. 

This morning Matkovich contacted us and said “Unfortunately I was misled by the investors. I was led to believe there was plenty of backing and resources, but there is not. They would prefer to remain low key and stay only in the farming aspect.” Matkovich, who says he wants nothing to do with Homestead’s Three Sisters name in the future if there is one for it, added, “I am weighing my options and seeing if there us a way do the concept elsewhere.”

Shortly after this posted, we received a statement from Christina Gambino, one of the owners of Three Sisters Farm, who  said, “The statements made by a disgruntled potential joint-venturer, Steve Matkovich, are simply untrue. The grand opening of Three Sisters Farm is in October 2012, and the allegation that we are under poor money-management is unwarranted and baseless. Chef/farmer Jonathan Gambino is proud of the accomplishments thus far.”

We spoke to Gambino, too, who explained his passion for the project, one he calls ‘revolutionary,’ and said “Steve is a great guy but our visions of the farm were at a crossroads. The farm has no money problems and will open in October.”


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