The kosher kitchen: breakfast

Baked goods at Bagel Time. Photo: Marni Marx.

Someone very clever once called breakfast the most important meal of the day, and with good reason. Having a proper breakfast is like filling up your car with gas – you need it to run as smoothly as possible. So, when a Pop-tart on the run or a doughnut at the office just won’t suffice, here are a few high-octane – and kosher — options to keep your motor running all day.

Bagel Time

Looking for a real bagel shop breakfast, complete with all of the lox, cream cheese and veggies you can handle? Then look no further than Bagel Time. Located on the corner of Alton Road & 41st Street, BT is in the perfect spot for taking a stroll after the scrumptious breakfast you’ve just gorged on. The menu is what you would expect — a wide variety of bagels, tuna, egg and whitefish salads, eggs made to order, fresh muffins and cookies and hot coffee. The friendly wait-staff creates a family environment and they’re happy to cater to their customer’s specifications. Like any good kosher restaurant, Bagel Time doesn’t just specialize in the art of breakfast; they also serve an array of Israeli dishes such as falafel with pita, hummus and salads. Don’t miss out on their made-to-order omelets. Fill yours up with generous helpings of veggies and cheese — it’s a winner every time. If you’re keeping your gut in check, make sure to sample to-die-for baked goods such as the fat free/sugar free muffin tops and minis. As Miami’s own Ingrid Hoffman would say: Simply delicioso!

Bon Ami Cafe

A bit further up north is the Israeli equivalent to the all-American breakfast spot. Situated in the Emerald Centre Plaza with several other Israeli/Jewish businesses, Bon Ami, which is French for “good friend,” will quickly become your go-to morning eatery. With menus in Hebrew and English, clientele are able to order exotic delights such as malawach (doughy fried bread care of the Jews from Yemen) or shakshuka (a delicious Moroccan dish of over-medium eggs cooked in a slightly spicy tomato sauce). Health salads are a breakfast staple in Israel and are garnished with almost everything on the menu, consisting of tomato, cucumber and a dash of onion with a sprinkle of parsely and lemon juice for flavor. Fresh bagels, made-to-order sandwiches and traditional pita and hummus are all on the menu as well as is their tasty homemade mint lemonade. Make sure you take a walk on the wild side and try the shakshuka — it puts a new spin on your traditional egg breakfast and happens to be so lip-smacking good you’ll find yourself dipping your pita bread in the sauce to get every last morsel.

Bissaleh Cafe

For all the late starters and the folks who like breakfast for dinner, this local favorite is right up your alley. Omelets are made to order and so are the out-of-this-world smoothies. The menu that runs the gamut, from borekas (stuffed flakey pastry filled with cheese, potato or spinach) to a light citrus avocado salad or cured salmon sandwich. As a bonus, warm bread and homemade butter are a complimentary starter. If you’re looking to expand your palate, try the house specialty called “The Bissaleh.” The large phylo pastry stuffed with a hardboiled egg, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, sauce and spices is a real treat. When you do visit, make sure to pack your patience, as good service is not the norm. Located across the street from the beach, Bissaleh gives its patrons the opportunity to fill up on good wholesome food then take a lovely stroll along the water and gaze up at the mega-condos of Sunny Isles.

Published: 12/08

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