The Khong team brings Thailand's Red Light District to SoBe with PatPong Road

The Khong River House team brings a taste of Thailand’s Red Light District to South Beach this month with the opening of PatPong Road. Located above Khong and open 10pm-2am on Friday & Saturday nights, PatPong Road will dish out Thai-influenced snacks, “approachable” cocktails and 90s hip hop. Menus were created by the Khong team and feature Chiang Rai sausage, Thai summer rolls, “everything on a stick,” mini pad Thai and Thai doughnuts. Cocktails include the Pat That (whiskey and lemongrass-ginger ale), the “Laid-ee” Drink (rum, fruit juice and lime in a ‘Sippi’ bag) and the Hive + Seek (gin, lemon, and white pepper-bird chili syrup). Opens August 23. 1661 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach