Taste Chinese, Mexican and Japanese in one bite – for one night only

Alex Chang will show off his Chinoko concept one night at Fooq's

Chinese, Japanese and Mexican, all in one bite: That’s been chef Alex Chang‘s calling card for years.

Now he’s fused that concept into cuisine he calls Chinoko (a fusion word in itself, Chino, the Spanish for a Chinese person, and the Japanese Ko, which translates to “son of”).

Chang, who recently left the Vagabond Kitchen and Bar where he was the founding chef, is hosting a one-night pop up of this concept at Fooq’s in downtown Miami on Sept. 22. The meal, priced at $50 a person, will be served as it would be in an izakaya, a sort of Japanese gastropub, completing his three-culture experience.

(Chang takes over at Fooq’s in downtown Miami for one night)

The dinner, which will have two seatings, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., will follow the izakaya style, with flavors progressing in order of course. The menu will include mackerel tostada with salsa campechana and a half chicken with umeboshi, shiso and rhubarb.

The Hong Kong-born Chang, who still oversees the menu at The Anderson bar on Miami’s Upper East Side, has popped up his Chinoko concept in Los Angeles, where he was raised, so this may be a preview of his next project.