Talking music, food & the South Beach Wine & Food Festival with Ziggy Marley

We chatted with musician, actor, artist, activist and food entrepreneur Ziggy Marley about his GMO-free food line Ziggy Marley Organics and plans for the Festival…

You’re a man of many talents.
I’m entering the food world from the music world. Good food is important to us as artists and musicians. The better I feel and the more healthy I am, the better the music is. Especially on the road – it was really a natural progression.

Tell us about Coco’Mon
It’s the world’s first organic coconut cooking product. I think it gives people an opportunity to experiment with food. It’s something different than what’s been done before with coconut.  And w also offer hempseeds roasted in the shell (you usually get them out of the shell). They have a nice, crunchy nutty flavor.

What are you plans for the closing party?
I’m not so concerned about details, I just go and improvise and however I feel, I do what I do. Performing live is home for us. Expressing myself truthfully and engaging with people is a great feeling. You feel closer to the world as a human being.