Talking cooking demos, food & music with Trisha Yearwood

Talking cooking demos, food & music with Trisha Yearwood…

Is this is your first time at the Festival?
Yes, I’ve been to Miami a lot, but never to Wine & Food. I’ve heard that it’s the thing. Everyone is like “you’re doing that, you can’t even get tickets to that,” so it must be cool.

What’s the secret to a great brunch?
You can make any food a brunch food – if you slept in too late or if it’s too early for lunch, you just call it brunch. I’m a singer so I’m a late night girl.

What do you like to eat?

One of my favorite dishes is Garth’s breakfast bowl. He came in one morning & put everything he could in a bowl – eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and some kind of potato on bottom. It was a crazy concoction of everything you can imagine and you definitely have to take a nap after you eat it – that’s always a good sign.

What’s the secret to a good demo?
People in the audience are generally just like me – not classically trained. The very first demo I ever did I was terrified, so I opened it up to questions. People can ask me anything they want about music or life or career or food. It makes it more accessible & more comfortable.

How do the food & music worlds compare?
There are a lot of similarities. As an artist, you thrive on applause. You do your show and you want someone to say “that was the best thing I ever saw.” As a cook, I put food on the table and want someone to say “that’s the best thing I ever ate in my life.”

How has TV changed food?
I think TV has made everyone fall in love with cooking again. Even people who don’t cook watch these shows. I hope people are encouraged to start cooking again – the more you cook in your own home, the better for you and your family