Taking the (cup)cake

Dots Treats uses Madagascan bourbon vanilla. (We'll take three.)

New York has Magnolia Bakery and Los Angeles has Sprinkles for delectable cupcakes. Miami, on the other hand, whips up six premiere bakers. Indulge your sweet tooth with this guide to South Florida’s best bite-size delights.

Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee
1411 Sunset Drive
Coral Gables
Now baking in South Miami is Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee. Owner Jose Cuellar tells us, “My wife Kristine’s sweet tooth inspired her to bake cupcakes and I always had the idea of doing something with coffee – so Buttercream was a meeting of the minds.” It’s the consummate marriage of buttery bliss!
SPECIALTY: Cupcakes + coffee = heaven

Dots Treats
Available by special order for pick-up or delivery, Dots Treats in North Miami Beach specializes in artfully decorated gourmet cupcakes. From burgers to sushi roll designs, Dots Treats offers 18 different flavors. Owner Tammy Aronson says, “Our cupcakes are made from scratch using the finest ingredients available – including Madagascan bourbon vanilla, European chocolate, fresh butter, milk and eggs. There are no preservatives in our cupcakes – ever!”
SPECIALTY: Quirky cupcake designs like french-fries and sushi rolls.

Edda’s Cake Designs
2549 NW 79 Avenue
Owner Edda Martinez has been in the sweet baking biz for over 30 years so it’s no wonder her cupcakes are fierce. Martinez says, “Were known for both our cakes and cupcakes and what makes them so amazing is not only the fact that they moist and delicious, but how they look. We can decorate them any way possible, such as, creating unique individual cupcake designs, place them around a flower pot to create a cupcake bouquet or arrange them in the shape of a character where people can breakaway one cupcake at a time.”
SPECIALTY: Guava and cream cheese frosting flavored cupcakes. ‘Nuff said.

Misha’s Cupcakes
7344 SW 48 Street
Using her mom’s delicious chocolate cake recipe and formulating a vanilla one of her own, owner Misha Gomez offers the best-tasting cupcakes in town. Gomez says, “In 2005, I came up with an idea that would keep me from going back to a full-time job and allow me to spend time with my 5-month-old daughter — I decided I was going to make cupcakes!” In a nutshell, Misha’s cupcakes make you want to thank God for procreation. Taste one, you’ll see what we mean.
SPECIALTY: Each cupcake is super moist and some contain morsels of goodness (known around town as “crack”).

Stella’s Sweet Shoppe
In 2006, Stella’s Sweet Shoppe owner Robert Onuska whipped up his career in confections after a long career in retail and fashion because he says, “I got into this business out of necessity – I couldn’t find a great cupcake in Miami.” Besides being lovely to look at, Onuska swears by his secret recipe and says, “All of my cupcakes are baked to order so they are always fresh.” Delish.
SPECIALTY: In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. With Stella’s Sweet Shoppe, it’s about presentation, presentation, presentation.

8425 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 102
Upper Eastside
The Upper East Side’s go-to cupcake guru is Barbie Roqueta. She tells us, “I used to be in land development and wanted out of the corporate rat race. I’ve always loved baking and let’s be serious — cupcakes are the perfect dessert.” No truer words have ever been spoken.
SPECIALTY: A space for hosting events in her store — everything from cooking 101 to spa parties.


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