Sugarcane taking over Sustain?; Zakarian's new ocean view restaurant; Flay at the Fontainebleau?; & more from the restaurant rumor mill

Hot on the heels of these Michelle Bernstein rumors, one which turned out to be true, the Deep Throating is getting almost pornographic with anonymous reports of everything from Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill taking over the old Sustain space and Mercadito possibly closing to a new tenant taking over Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in the old Nemo space.

But wait, there’s more. We also heard that Geoffrey Zakarian already has a new South Beach space secured, that Arkadia at the Fontainebleau is closing so Bobby Flay can take it over, and that Icebox Cafe is moving off Lincoln Road and heading to the Sunset Harbor ‘hood. These are actual rumors, not ones we’ve created for entertainment purposes.  We’ve taken each to task. Now, based on the Sra. Martinez spin yesterday,  take each response with a grain of sea salt:

Sugarcane taking over Sustain: Could be true. Says a rep, “I can’t confirm anything at this time.”

Mercadito closing: “There is definitely no truth to that rumor,” says publicist Laura Windt Collins.

New tenant in Nemo:  We asked Lolita’s Director of Operations, Patrick Lingle, about rumors that they were closing.  He replied, sort of, saying, “No, we are still open.” Update: As of August 1, Lolita is, yep, closed. Hate to say we told ya so, but . . .

Zakarian’s new South Beach digs: Says publicist Jaret Keller, “Definitely not true.” Zakarian’s next restaurant, however, will have an ocean view, only this time it’s on Norwegian Cruise Line’s new floating city Norwegian Breakway, on which he will open Ocean Blue, a “luxury seafood dining experience.” Ship sails sometime in 2013.

Icebox Cafe leaving Lincoln: “Nothing to report,” says owner Robert Siegmann. Says an anonymous source, “I’m not sure if they’re leaving Lincoln, but they are moving to Sunset Harbor.”

Flay at the Fontainebleau: “What? No validity whatsoever,” said Fontainebleau’s Director of PR Mabel De Beunza.

Update: In a fun new twist or game or something, after posting this we received yet another good one that mixes and matches a few of the aforementioned in a culinary version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. A source tells us “Michy’s is moving to Sustain and Sugarcane is looking at Nemo.” We didn’t even bother going to the publicists for this one, but a neighbor of Nemo’s–er, Lolita, replied, “I heard that too! That would rock.”


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