The goods: The latest (and possibly last?) steakhouse to hit Miami is also the sexiest – STK, the vowel-free shrine to red meat at the Gansevoort. The sibling to the New York and LA counterparts, this location has the brand’s trademark nightclub atmosphere, top 40 rock soundtrack and a flashy clientele. Barely open a month, the restaurant has already hosted the likes of Fergie, Adam Sandler and Michael Bay – so be prepared for celeb sightings.

Ambiance: Design firm ICrave went for high drama with the two-story space using marble columns, reflective glass, grey suede and white leather to create one of the sleekest dining rooms in the city. There’s an elevated DJ booth, and a catwalk above the bar leading to an upstairs lounge and private dining rooms where you can observe the action below.

The grub: The greatest hits of steakhouse menus with a few creative additions. Prices are in line with the posh surroundings: starters average $16, steaks and seafood range $19-$72 and sides are $9. Bread service here sets the tone for a decadent feast: a warm popover glistening with blue cheese butter served with chive oil on the side. From there you could start with an order of foie gras French toast but most diners dig the playful shrimp “rice krispies” composed of tiger prawns on a bed of shrimp crackers with a side of shrimp bisque that you are encouraged to drizzle over the crackers for snap and pop. Steaks include the diminutive 6 oz. skirt steak and top out at with a 34 oz. cowboy rib (perfect for two). Somewhere in between those two is a nicely-aged 8 oz. loin strip and the 14 oz. bone-in filet. Each steak comes with a sauce of your choosing, like the STK bold (gussied-up barbecue sauce) or a red chimichurri. You are welcome to top your steak with any number of indulgent (and pricey) additions like foie gras butter, black truffles or lobster.

There’s plenty of seafood for those looking to curb their red meat intake. Go for the seared tuna with lemongrass salad over sweet potato mash or the Hudson Valley duck breast with fennel and blood orange. The side dishes ought to fulfill your carb cravings with a Miami-specific addition of rice and beans, Vidalia onion “rings” that are really tempura-fried onion petals and parmesan truffle fried that come stacked like logs.

Verdict: You might be feeling steakhouse fatigue, but the setting at STK is undeniably sexy and the non-meat items are engaging enough to warrant an alluring night out.


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