Staying In: Baci's Pizza

Is there any food as perfect as pizza, really?

There’s nothing more comforting — to me, anyway — than a piping hot slice, with a toasty, fresh crust, neutral if a little sweet tomato sauce and an elastic, cheesy top. As a former New Yorker, I like my version thin and foldable, and I don’t particularly mind grease (that’s what napkins are for). So I was pleased when I happened upon Baci’s New York Pizza, which recently moved to a new location in Pembroke Pines.  I’d read about this family-owned restaurant that touted itself as the home of the 28-inch party pizza, so big it could make Adam Richman on Man V. Food blush. I’d always wanted to try it, and I finally did. Two feet of gooey goodness. And a reason to throw a party in and of itself.                                          

Baci’s also offers gourmet-style pies — from the delish Caprice (plum tomatoes, basil and virgin olive oil) to the Mexican (Cheddar and mozzarella, ground beef, black olives and jalapeños), which is better than it sounds. Before you load up on bread, don’t overlook other house-made offerings. You can’t go amiss ordering a specialty like the ziti alla vodka with prosciutto and peas in a rich, tasty pink sauce or the eggplant rollatini, breaded and baked with a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Romano. Get your veggie and dairy mix in one yummo swoop. Though I am not a big fan of cheese sticks, Baci’s treats them with loving care, lightly fried and dusted with Romano cheese. They made a meal for my finicky 2-year-old. After an Italian feast here, you’ll fall deep into a carb coma — and like it.


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