Stay in with grilled cheese from Mr. Cheezious

Grilled cheese and tomato soup was the feel-good food my mom made when I was sick. I would have skipped a lot more school if Ms. Cheezious had been around back then. I was late jumping on this food truck’s love train, and then a co-worker enlightened me to the Grilled Blue & Bacon, with creamy blue cheese oozing between slices of warm sourdough.

Whether you get sourdough, multi-grain, marble rye or country white, the bread comes out toasty and buttery on both sides. But it’s what’s between those slices that will send you searching for the truck with the curvy, bikini-clad cartoon babe on the side.

The Grilled Harvest is another must-have among the half-dozen featured sandwiches. With spiced apples and havarti cheese grilled on multi-grain bread, it’s a sweet way to kick off fall. Or cobble together your own creations, choosing from fresh breads and eight cheeses, from Cheddar and Swiss to gruyere and brie. Additions such as prosciutto, tomato and oven-roasted turkey cost a couple more bucks.

And yes, Mom, they have tomato soup, along with turkey three-bean chili, chili cheese fries and sweet potato fries. You won’t have room for it, but there are even grilled-cheese desserts like the Sweet Meltdown, ricotta cheese and orange marmalade on Texas toast with chocolate dipping sauce.


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