Stay in with Brooklyn-style pizzas from Pucci’s Pizza

Tommy Pooch is at it again. The nightclub king has opened up another Pucci’s Pizza smack in the middle of the action. The restaurant, with another location on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach and co-run by his biz partners Alan Roth and DJ Irie, is across the street from AmericanAirlines Arena. So if you tire of eating hotdogs, you know where to go.

The pizza is New York-style, ahem, Brooklyn, where Pooch is from. So instead of having to order an entire pie, a la Papa John’s, you’re able to slap a slice down — bada-boom! — on the counter and eat it right there. While you gorge, check out the cool photographs of Pooch with big-name celebrities he has partied with, from Steven Dorff and John Walsh to James Galdolfini.

As an ode to his famed home, Pooch puts out pizzas with names of areas of Brooklyn: The Canarsie is topped with pepperoni, bacon and red and green bell peppers; the Coney Island (recommended) has BBQ chicken and sweet red onions; and Prospect Park is for meat lovers, with meatballs, ham and sausage.

Also hot are the meat spirals. At just $2.50 a pop, they get rid of hunger pangs quickly, says manager Johny Calella, who hails from Pooch’s neighborhood of Borough Park. Though the two didn’t meet until they were in Miami. “How wild is that?” he asks, adding that another menu hit is the Brooklyn Heights, a white slice made with four types of cheese (Romano, mozzarella, parmigiana and ricotta), brushed with olive oil, and topped with fresh garlic.

Calella discloses the secrets about why the pizza is so delicious. For one, they use a brick oven and use only homemade sauce with plum tomatoes.

Two: “It’s the love we put in it. You gotta have love when you cook. If not, it shows.”

Pasta dishes are also cooked in the brick oven. The biggest seller is rigatoni, tossed with mushrooms, Italian sausage and marinara.

“It’s nice and chunky,” he says.

Calella says that Pucci’s has been so popular with the late night crowd coming from clubs and games that they are aiming to be open 24 hours and to start serving breakfast.

How does a slice with bacon and eggs or smoked salmon sound?


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