SBWFF wth Sunny

Brooklyn-based foodie Sunny Anderson is bringing her take on “uncomplicated, affordable and easy” eats to the Festival courtesy of Saturday’s Tasting Village and Saturday night’s Best Thing I Ever Ate at the Beach. We chatted with the Cooking for Real host.

Tell us about your plans for the Festival.
This is my third year attending, so I’ve got it all planned out. I now know how to get through the entire weekend without getting sick. I got sick last year at Burger Bash – I do not know how people go through and eat all those burgers. I love it, but the key is truly not getting there early and taking your time once you get there.

You come to Miami somewhat regularly. Where are you go-to restaurants?

Tap, Tap because they know how to handle the spice. I like Philippe. And Pollo Tropical – I will be the first Food Network host to admit, I love fast food. It’s not every day, but when you do it, you should choose wisely. I love that place.

Why did you pick Nathan’s Hotdogs as the best thing you ever ate at the beach?
This sounds silly, but I grew up watching General Hospital and Sunny used to take his dates to Coney Island. I used to think, wow Coney Island is so neat. So here I am living in Brooklyn, 4 to 5 train stops away from Coney Island, so I went and had a hot dog. Now every year it’s what rings in summer for me. Chili cheese dog with the bacon and fries the same way. And you get the little pitchfork with the fries because they’re the devil. Anytime you get a pitchfork to eat food, that is wrong – think about it.

So you’re quite the tailgating expert, so what’s the secret to a good tailgate?
Enough ice and enough drinks. And after that enough food. And it has to be the right food – nothing that will make you sleepy – lots of energy foods – meats, fruits, veggies.  And it’s got to smell good!

Sunny’s Tips for surviving the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

  • For the wine tastings, be aggressive because it’s always a mass gaggle.
  • Don’t’ be ashamed to ask for more. I do it all the time. They’re there for you and you’ve paid for your ticket, so get your money’s worth.
  • Don’t skip meals. Have a light breakfast and light lunch. If you skip a meal you’re going to scarf down the first few things you see.
  • Talk to strangers. Ask anyone with a smile on their face what they liked the best.



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