Sakaya Kitchen's Richard Hales makes food truck events in Wynwood officially legal

Call Sakaya Kitchen’s Richard Hales the Norma Rae of the Miami Food Truck scene. A champion of food truck rights, Hales had requested earlier in the year a “waivier of events” to allow more than two “Temporary Use Permit” per year at the Wynwood lot where he organizes food truck events. Prior to the waiver, he was only able to pull two of those permits per year for the lot in which he organizes 13 events per year. Without the waiver, Hales would be required to pull a “Vacant Land Temporary Use Permit” which required us to make costly cosmetic renovations to the vacant land.

After working directly with the Director of Zoning, Barnaby Min, who Hales says “really championed the request and was able to put it to vote before the commission” yesterday, July 26, 2012, the Wynwood Food Truck item passed 5-0 allowing them to hold an event every second Saturday of the month until December 31, 2012.

“I’d like to thank Barnaby Min because without him it may of not happened,” Hales tells us., adding “It is definitely a win for the food truck community and will return some order to the streets of Wynwood during Art Walk. I will be submitting the necessary paperwork and payments on Monday for the first event August 11, 2012. “


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