Rock n Roll Ribs

Rib plate $15.95, from Rock n Roll Ribs in Coral Springs. The restraunt was open by Nicko McBain, former drummer of Iron Madien, the rock group.

The ribs at Rock n Roll Ribs really do rock, and no wonder. The barbecue joint in a sedate Coral Springs shopping center is owned by Nicko McBrain, drummer for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and guitarist-chef Rick “Moby” Baum. Turns out McBrain and his pal & Boca neighbor Baum share a love of sweet-tangy ‘cue as well as hard-driving music. For several years they joked over ribs and beer at backyard parties about opening a place. Then Baum, a longtime restaurateur, found a site and a third business partner. Open five weeks, the small restaurant on U.S. 441 has been drawing big crowds, with lines out the door on weekend nights. It’s a cross-generational success, attracting families, teens and devoted fans, some sporting Iron Maiden T-shirts and tattoos. The menu camps up the music theme, starting with dishes like the Road Crew onion stack or a bigger hit, delicious drumsticks and wings. Sauces include a scorching Run to the Hills rendition, playing off the band’s ’82 release.

Ambiance: The place is decorated with lots of Baum’s guitars, Iron Maiden memorabilia and concert videos. Huge Marshall amps and one of McBrain’s drum sets take center stage, but there’s only live music on special occasions. Space is tight, but the atmosphere is friendly and lively.

What Worked

  • A chili thick with ground beef, beans and caramelized onions, sweet from a touch of brown sugar and kicky from a dose of spices
  • Baked beans loaded with bits of pork, chicken and beef in a slightly sweet barbecue sauce
  • Tender, meaty baby back ribs briefly smoked & lathered with Baum’s wet, sweet sauce
  • Flavorful and super tender fatty pork shoulder
  • A flavorful, garlic-heavy grilled chicken sandwich
  • Two catfish fillets breaded in cornmeal
  • Decadent Fear of the Dark Chocolate Maximus Supremus dessert

What Didn’t Work

  • Dry chunks of smoked white chicken
  • The Moby Rick Death Dog – a foot-long hot dog wrapped in bacon, stuffed with pepper jack cheese, fried & served with chili, grilled onion and slaw



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