Roach-A-Vieja! Gloria Estefan's Cardozo Bar & Grill ordered shut by state inspectors

It seems that humans aren’t the only ones doing the conga at the Estefan-owned Cardozo Bar and Grill on Ocean Drive, ordered shut by state inspectors after a chart topping 41 violations were discovered. Among them – rodent activity, rodent droppings and roach activity.
Before you go burn your Gloria Estefan CDs, take note that neither she nor her husband manage or operate the restaurant.  Frank Amadeo, president of Estefan Enterprises, issued a statement to Channel 10, saying: “Estefan Enterprises does not manage or operate The Cardozo Bar & Grill, which is leased to a third party. Nonetheless we take the issue of health and safety very seriously. As soon as we became aware of the Health Department’s concerns, we demanded that our tenant immediately correct the issues, which they did. The health inspector returned to the property the following morning and determined that the restaurant was in compliance and reopened it.”

On November 8, Gloria Estefan tweeted a letter from the owner and operator of the restaurant who said that “The Estefans have no responsibility for the operation of the restaurant.

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