Rice House of Kabob

Who doesn’t like food made with a stick? Popsicles, corn dogs, caramel apples. And kabobs.

The latest in beyond-the-bun fast food puts Persia in a takeout box. Rice House of Kabob has come to North Miami-Dade, dishing out piles of basmati rice, salad, chicken, steak and fish. And we do mean piles. Platters come with enough of everything to easily fill up two stomachs. The newest Rice location — with others in Doral and on South Beach — is hidden in a strip center across from a Costco. Except for containers of hummus, yogurt, grape leaves and chopped salad piled up in a cold counter up front, everything is made to order. That means a 10-15 minute wait while the staff gets to work sizzling the meat. But a spotless, industrial-like space and large-screen TV kept us patient.

The tilapia platter, while a bit pricey for fast food, comes with two large pieces of fish sprawled on a bed of Greek salad and a container of rice. The kubideh features a tube of ground sirloin snaked over a mound of rice. The absence of a skewer disappointed our young beefeater, but the lack of a sharp object in the container kept the parents happy. The seasoned steak snake tasted charry and salty. But the tilapia was a hit, sautéed to a crisp. Rice, which serves halal food, also is vegetarian friendly with rice dishes speckled with lima beans and lentils, and a couple versions of veggie wraps stuffed with the good earth.

Even though the portions are large enough for leftovers, the tin containers that are common at neighborhood pasta joints make it impossible to nuke later without a transfer to a microwave-safe plate. And the counter person, while skillfully fitting a tower of containers into a single plastic bag, put the cold stuff on top of the hot stuff. The best part about Rice is the ability to mix and match. Dishes come as a wrap, on a salad or nestled atop rice. And sides come in two sizes. A large container of veggie rice, a salad and a meat or fish dish are enough to feed the fam. Don’t forget to get a cup of Must-o-Kheyar, cool yogurt with cucumber, and spoon it over everything. And request the yellowish garlic sauce to dip the lavash and anything else on your plate.


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