R House Food + Art + Music opening in Wynwood

Back in the day, when the Design District was still sketchy, but much sketchier than it is today, there was a place called Power Studios, a restaurant cum art gallery that was quite ahead of its time (and owned by the same folks as Mango’s of all places). The space, in fact, across from the Cypress Room, is still empty, but for the ghosts of halycon days past. In a similar vein–and vain–is R House, a casual, fine dining restaurant serving “a contemporary and eclectic mix of modern American dishes with Mediterranean, Asian and Latin twists.” Chef/owner Rocco Carulli–the “R” in R House–is the former owner of Provincetown, Mass. restaurant Edwige at Night. The place will also have live music. And art. Did we mention the art? You can’t have a place without art in Wynwood, right? No menu is available yet or an opening date, but a mural of sorts is happening on the building during Art Basel, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it opens soon.