Prague-based Barock restaurant open on Ocean Drive

Father-daughter team Tommy Sjöö and Jessica Sjöö have opened a South Beach branch of their popular Prague restaurant Barock [no relation to our President, Barack]. On the menu: coconut cured lobster made with coconut milk and grapefruit served with homemade yucca chips; tom yam soup with vegetables, locally sourced fish, tiger prawn and corriander and finished with chili pepper; pork bo ssam ‘tacos’ of shredded pork, baby greens, scallion pancakes, sambal and homemade kimchi; and pan seared duck breast with potatoes au gratin, baby spinach and chocolate jalapeno sauce. Though the menu seems Thai-leaning, a publicist says that Tommy Sjöö “Wanted to include the best dishes from each of the locations he has traveled to and that is how he created the menu. There is [also] a variety of pasta, Mediterranean-inspired yogurt marinated free chicken breast, Maine lobster, etc.”