Pine Court Chinese Bistro

We could dine at Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Sunrise every night of the year and still not sample all the dishes available. The basic menu alone features more than 200 items, plus there’s the more authentic Chinese menu and dim sum carts loaded with goodies that make the rounds daily.

It’s no secret that most Chinese restaurants have two menus — an exotic one geared to Asian diners and a Chinese-American version. The assumption is that native Chinese diners will eat food that’s jiggly and won’t turn up their noses at animal parts other patrons would rather not contemplate. How many Americans are going to say, “Those fish heads look yummy” or “I’d love some crunchy chicken feet”? Pine Court, which specializes in aromatic, colorful Cantonese cuisine, gives us a little more credit for adventurousness. Even the basic menu features dishes like spicy cold jelly fish, crab meat and fish maw soup and sliced abalone with sea cucumber along with standards like Kung Pao chicken, sesame beef and barbecue spare ribs (and no MSG, we’re told).

Owner Long Deng, who operates a Chinese restaurant and Asian markets in New York City, is opening New York Market later this month in the same Sunrise shopping plaza featuring seafood stations, specialty Asian items and fast Chinese food.

Ambience: There are tanks filled with Maine lobster, but also ones with fresh eels. Not surprisingly, Pine Court attracts a large Chinese clientele, and as you’ve heard many times, that’s a good sign of authenticity. Open since July and seating 200 to 250, Pine Court is a sea of white tablecloths with gold dragons decorating cherry red walls. Pine Court has old-fashioned elegance, with servers dressed formally in black vests, white shirts and skinny bow ties.

What Worked

  • Fried pork intestines – artfully arranged, thinly cut, lightly fried slices in a sweet and sour sauce
  • Delicious wonton soup with silky dumplings filled with ground shrimp and pork
  • Pork shu mai (dumplings)
  • A long list of soups including mild, sweet winter melon
  • Spring rolls
  • Fried chicken wings
  • Pork chop Peking style – pieces of breaded, fried pork (watch out for bones) in a tangy sweet and sour sauce
  • Sizzling steak with black pepper — thick slices of flavorful beef stir-fried with onions and red and green bell peppers —  presented with flair like a Chinese-style fajita
  • Juicy, golden, whole Peking duck
  • Two 11/2-pound lobsters  steamed, cut into big chunk, served in their shells and finished with a fragrant ginger scallion sauce.
  • Daily afternoon dim sum (pictured)- plump pork buns, taro dumplings, shrimp balls, chicken feet and egg custard


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