Paragon's four new "dine-in movie" theaters

These days, a trip to one of those cushy movie theaters that serve food and booze can cost almost as much as something to wear to the movie’s actual Los Angeles red carpet premiere. Paragon  in Coconut Grove promises that their new “Prestige Imports Premier” VIP section, opening October 12,  is a heck of a lot more affordable.

Says a publicist, “The Premier seats will be luxurious, oversized, leather rocking chairs with attached swivel tray tables. Paragon is taking a different approach to the “Dine-In” concept as compared to similar theaters in the area, though. The process will be easy, affordable, and delicious and will not interrupt the movie-watching experience.”

Food will be available for purchase before, during or after the movie from The Lot, the theater’s bar/lounge, whose expanded menu and renovated kitchen offer items such as burgers, brats, wings, dips, flatbreads and more, washed down with an “enhanced” beer, wine and cocktail list.  

And as improved as the food and drink may or may not be, Paragon’s not raelly about the food. “Paragon is operated by movie purists – the movie is first and foremost and we want to minimize interruptions, explains CEO Mike Whalen. Rather than having servers coming in and out of the theaters or forcing guests to arrive up to an hour early, guests will place and pick up their orders in the Lot at their convenience.”

But about that food. There are daily specials, too.  “We have a special every day such as $3 Domestic Beers on Sundays, $3 Brats on Mondays and “Endless Pizza” on Wednesdays for $10. We want to provide a unique, convenient,
entertainment-filled night on the town,”says F&B director Andrew Holmes.

Here’s the menu:



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