Out of the Box: Copperbox Culinary Atelier, Miami's coolest dinner party

People complain all the time about a. not being able to meet people in Miami, b. the lack of social graces not just in Miami but everywhere, in which people don’t talk to each other but instead remain immersed in their not so smart phones and, well, we could go on. Enter Chef Gabriela Machado, whose jewel of an idea has, gasp, strangers breaking bread (and foie gras crème brulee) with each other and, yikes, actually making coherent, stimulating conversation at the same time. Copperbox Culinary Atelier is a ten to thirty seat dining experience in a converted Wynwood warehouse. It’s Miami’s 21st century Warholian Factory meets Elaine’s but with better food—much better food. Chef Machado and her intrepid team prepare a stellar 7-course meal complete with wine pairings.

Machado, who hails from Venezuela, told us that she came up with the idea because “There’s nothing like it in Miami,” and because, “I just love what I do.” And she does it well. Very well. Cell phone use is strictly discouraged and tables are communal which means you actually get to meet some pretty interesting folks. The place is very discreet and doors don’t open until 7:30 on the dot Thursdays and Saturdays, which means you may find yourself standing outside a nondescript Wynwood warehouse with a bunch of strangers with whom you may emerge four hours (yes, it’s a major commitment) later possibly, unbelievably, as friends. To get in, email info@copperbox.com. According to General Manager Leticia de Mello Bueno, Copperbox is exclusive but not exclusionary. Cost is from $125 inclusive of tax and tip.  Conversation with strangers is priceless.